Divine Touch Massage & Healing Center

Therapeutic Massage Collection


Swedish (relaxation massage)                       60 min/$60          90 min/$85          120 min/$115            

Improves skin and muscle tone while circulation is increased. Tired muscles are soothed and stress is relaxed away.  Supports stimulation and balancing of the nervous system. Improves skin and muscle tone while circulation is increased.  Focus on specific areas needing special attention or our full body for a complete experience connecting body, mind and spirit.

Swedish Couple with Essential Oils              60 min/$150         90 min/$200


Deep Tissue                                                       60 min/$70           90 min/$95          

Utilizes customized combination of concentrated pressure, STR (Soft Tissue Release) and Therapeutic Swedish to loosen chronic muscle tension and remove toxins. This treatment promotes physical rejuvenation and improves flexibility and range of motion.


Healing Stones                                                 60 min/$70          90 min/$95          120 min/$125      

A relaxing treatment that uses the energy of stones to releases tight muscles, relieve pain and remove toxins while enhancing the immune system.  The temperature and weight of the stones allow for deep muscle access.  Getting stoned never felt so good.

Prenatal  Massage                                               60 min/$70           90 min/$95

Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of a regular massage but is tailored specifically to the needs of expectant moms and their changing bodies. The aches and pains are so different, and so are the remedies. Not only can prenatal massage alleviate muscle strains and stress on your back, neck, abdomen and shoulders, it can also significantly reduce anxiety and serve as a supplement to complete prenatal care.

Therapeutic Targeted Massage                      30 min/$40        

This massage is specific to a problematic area.  Treatment will incorporate  modalities as needed.  Not intended for a full body massage. 


Body – Mind – Spirit Collection


Reiki                                                                             60 min/$65 (time is approximate as sessions may go longer)

A gentle hands-on energy technique that facilitates a deep state of relaxation utilizing healing energy of the universe. Reduces stress, manages pain and promotes healing.  Sessions can be customized for individual intent and/or chakra balancing. 

Chakra Balancing                                                      60 min/$65

A gentle clearing of energetic toxins to balance the flow of life-force energy to initiate your body's natural healing. Blockages are opened and the body's energy centers are aligned. Intuitive balancing incorporating Reiki that may include essential oils, guided meditation, crystals and color therapy. Restores sense of completeness to the body, mind and soul.

Integrated Treatment Session                             90 min/$110          120 min/$140

Receive the gift of touch through this relaxing and transforming experience. Your journey begins wit the request for healing and the setting of Intent.  This session will be specialized to your needs and will incorporate specific modalities just for you. This may include, Swedish and Healing Stone massage techniques, forms of energy work which include clearing and balancing of your chakras and the use of therapeutic essential oils.

Relax, Release and Renew                                    90 min/$110          120 min/$140

Relax from everyday stress, Release of toxic energy and Renew with sense of well-being. A full body massage of Therapeutic Essential Oils blended with a hydrating lotion and applied with healing intent.  While cocooned in a heated blanket the oils and lotion penetrate deep into your body, softening the skin while we gently massage your neck and head. A nourishing treatment for body, mind and soul.

Raindrop Technique                                                60 min/$85

A treatment for back pain utilizing reflexology, specific massage strokes (Vita Flex) and essential oils designed to help body return to its natural alignment.  Energy centers are balanced and cleared and chronic back pain is reduced.  A subtle, relaxing treatment with powerful results.

Reflexology                                                                30 min/$40

Concentrated pressure applied to specific parts of your feet or hands that promotes balance with the body. Relaxing yet stimulating massage incorporating healing stones with reflexology.  Relaxing yet stimulating foot massage utilizing reflexology. 


Therapeutic Spa Collection

All spa treatments in this collection have been chosen for their therapeutic value as well as the benefits of relaxation and overall sense of well-being.  Our customized treatments will nourish your body and indulge in your skin.  An experience that lasts long after your treatment ends.

Sugar or Salt Foot Scrub                                                 30 min/$40

*Add Foot Scrub to your massage                                        $20

A gentle, invigorating buffing away of dry skin. Warm, moist compression's, an energizing scrub and a hydrating massage are the key components of this treatment. Choose a sugar scrub to hydrate or a salt scrub to detoxify. Both increase circulation and leave your skin soft and renewed. 

 Paraffin Hand or Foot Dip & Massage                      30 min/$40

*Add Paraffin Dip to your massage                                        $20

A warm, relaxing treatment that soothes away muscle pain an joint stiffness. This treatment increases circulation, removes toxins and leaves the skin soft and moisturized.